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My favorite MGK song is been thru it all. Ive wanted for sometime to try and get in touch with MGK just because on some level hes like brother to the struggle Ive gone thru. I was born in Douglasville, Georgia. My mom got addicted to pills after i was born and my dad was a super violent person who used religion as an excuse to be violent. My oldest two brothers were addicted to drugs and went on to have their own families. My sister felt more like my mom than anyone but abandoned me and the rest of the family running away at a young age. My closest aged brother got sent off into the navy and I grew up by myself on the streets. in and around major outlining cities of atlanta. Growing up I was constantly medicated for anything under the sun with pills that made me feel like constant shit. By middle school I started selling pills and by high school I was the guy to go to for anything. I never had any real friends and was always a loner. Smoking weed made me stable evened me out and made me happy. By seventeen I had everything I wanted in line but the medicine had destroyed my mind. I tried killing myself and in the next following months with the assistance of the police I lost everything. I ended up homeless on the streets for five years on and off. The only girl I ever loved tore my heart out of my chest around this point. People never understood me. I ended up in jail and mental facilitys so much they started feeling like home. A warm place to get off of the streets. I used to dream of being a musician or an actor but I ended up as just another punk who no one gave a fuck about. I feel this song in my veins and I just want you to know I got mad love and respect for you homie. If your ever down in georgia holla at me if your reading this. I would love to meet you someday man. We kindred souls in a spiritual warfare. LOVE