Comment by Derek_Groen

Not as most off these girls, wich I would choose over me.. xD would I love to talk to you for a min! You really inspired me to fuck what people think of what your choiches are, and how you choose to represent yourself. Really helped me since Chip off the block and Rage Pack whas when I was started Listening to you. Love smoking weed, so when you're in Utrecht, we could smoke up somewhere? not askig for an hour or something. Got a girlfriend, and hell now bruh I know what you thinking offlimits haha. xD think about it. Derek Groen Netherlands (instagramm @Schurkk I believe, means villain in Dutch) Give it a thought! But honestly I think you got people for you who read this hahah. Worth a shot. See you anyway tomorrow in the Netherlands! Ciao! Try to contact you through gmail. But I don't really give it a chance hhah