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my favorite MGK song is gone . I made this from the lyrics to represent my friend who past away 2 years .I remember sitting with you watching inspector gadgetbut little did I know 5 years later you'll be six foot underresting in your casketI walk past your house nearly everyday no one understands in Blacktownall we wanted growing up was to break the lawnow I'm by myself and pissed offof an afternoon we would watch Monday night rawnow I scream can someone take the pain away,And now the instrumental that we're vibing to got one high end, And while I'm writing my first verse he crossed my mind and I ended up crying, That shit is crazy, half a decade with no explanation Now I'm asking if it's too late to save me Man, I don't know so I cry but I'm saying nothing, Wasn't man enough to say it so I wrote with a pen I just wanted to make you happy, because you always smiled, I just want a phone call saying everything will be alright Anyways, maybe eventually we'll relive memories and you'll be next to me and both of us can stay a while, yeahR.I.P Chima