“Lately” has been stuck in my head since it dropped! 

Shawna_Bang's picture I'm waiting..but you been waiting longer so I guest I just have to be patient as well. *sigh* idk..but I got your ms. In a bottle yo, accept when it got to me I was like wtf? Fkn box-wine? Like what the shit? So I open that bitch up cause bitches be...

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Uhh please watch this and try tell me I'm not your twin from another lifetime, um yeah high claim yo. Whatever, you told me to talk to You so what up Dawg, come at me.



A.k.a 42: Shawna Bang


We had an amazing time and loved the energy MGK brought out in the crowd! Only thing that would have made it better would have been meeting him! Thank you for being an inspiration to so many! 

Mgk you were butchered by me. Your never has been career is are q ain't no a preppy ass punk.your music and acting is garbage and you comment on kids. Pervert!!!! No one knows who you are or listening to your are irrelevant. Enjoy your 15 minutes of...