you need a bag in septwmber when u in greensboro? Lol

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see my tears got me in tears once again

I need V.I.P. tickets to this show who's got em ? I've got cash $$$

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Dear Kells,

Well, there is absolutely no chance you’ll read this but I just wrote it for the 0.001 percent you might. The way I imagine it would happen is that you would just finish a show and chill with the gang and then, when the hype dies, you scroll through your messages and, out of...

Love you so much and love your blonde hair. Can't even wait for EST fest. You are a lyrical genius and your voice is always in my head....literally when anything is going on I have your music narrating my life. I was looking at my facebook yesterday and for 2 years I have been doing nothing but...

Curious if MGK wears yellow for suicide prevention...

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OMG!!!! birthday coming up someone help me get mgk to illinois!!!!