I just love the album!! What I would give to meet MGK!!

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 MGK your music and just you personally have got me through all the dark and fucked up times in my life. I'm forever grateful for you and the vibes your music brings to people. I WILL FOREVER LACE THE FUCK UP!! EST4LIFE XX 

I absolutely love to listen to MGK! His album runs non-stop through the speakers of my truck!! I can not help it. I plan  to get a decal made for my truck " The GUNNER" than have "MGK" under it and have it on my back glass!

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Lace "the fuck" Up.


Santiago, Chile.

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Listen Forever to 

Machine Gun Kelly

Crap. Of course I can't see anything that can ever make it past a wall or door. Oh well I gotta quit telling myself you know where I am and even care to help me drop this power surge. I'm just gonna blow it up and let it catch fire. 

What a lonely life. And I'm not a celebrity so I cant...

Wish I could meet people who I knew wouldn't try to block me and keep me from depression and would leave me alone. Never met a real one before they have all been fake bottom feeders. 

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Your lyrics move me. 

I have recently discovered your music. You lay it down like no other. I as well have been to the school of hard knocks and can appreciate your angle. THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME GET DEEP WITH YOU MY FRIEND. IM THANKFUL FOR YOU WISDOM AND MELODY❤❤❤