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To pick a song from the boy kels that just tops any of the rest is seriously so hard. From being in high school smoking roaches listening to swing life away and bobbing my head to street dreams , now smoking blunts and listening to general admission. Its safe to say "Machine gun Kelly" is played in my speakers so much the day I meet him I will call him Kels as if I've known him life. The realest mother fucker and no doubt his music saved my insecure teenage self from ending it ... But as far as the best lyrics it's impossible to choose 

But if I had to ... It would be from general admission , all night long ... "Which these lyrics are my next tattoo"

"I know you're trying to think it out, but go with what you feel 'cause real problems can't be's hard to find the answer when they have no explanation..Its hard to find where you're headed when there's no's hard to know when we're going when there's no expiration"

In one lyric he solves every problem, because he's kels, the boy with no home...that's why he sends his message in a song