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Shit I've slapped all his vinyl this past 4 months since my son Zeth Daly introduced me to his art!! His "Fuck it" toons are hittin like Almost and conversations, Thoed A$$, on everything,blue skies,  mmmmmm, before that Sail, Wtf that's a number one hit dawg, umm I probably have maybe only two songs that I'm not feeling and it kinda sounds like you didn't want to record them but sometimes we have to do shit for our label, right?  Gun, your on it keep up the good fight and I hope (no offense here to anyone) you find a great manager to seize that next level you are already on!  I believe in you breh!!  It's kinda like a kid that is in the 4th grade cause of the teacher but your skills show you should be getting a masters already!! Haters get what they deserve and they get exposed to, keep bringing that true MGUNK shit too!  My boys Nazra and Zeth say, "Sup B",whatever that means?  Oh and your crew can get after that shit too, Tezo Up?? Love that, (call this shit poo?) ha  ,Dub Sup? Or as we say on the west, up???   The RealIESt is a dope to run on those boards I bet, ha... Not so much a fan on Ray Jr- Biggie no offense.. At all much respect as I have no deal or demo but I have good taste and an ear for hits!  But, Up to you Ray Jr??  Black magic is tight fuck why are you Not getting play Dawg,, fuck Xm and fuck Eminem if he is keeping you down? , drown to those causing drama... And smoke to those making hits!! Get it HITS?? Ha  the list can roll right into breaking news, pe$o w/ Pusha T and Meek Mill Up.???  Black Tuxedo I can relate too.... Chip fucking Kells me, Rollin fast and a big fuck you attitude, that's hungry!  Not soft one bit it not look at me its look at us!!   Kells my fuck song is wanna ball, ok?  Sheeit, never fall asleep hungry beeaaiitch!  Street Dreams is fo Real!  I grew up in Akron, Ohio next to Caucasian Falls and I know your streets homie, ROUGH and love is all you have them, RESPECT! Fuck you to all the Haters there I said it for you! Not to put words in your mouth but I know a motherfuker just had dental surgery and you don't need a lawsuit cause we want you to put that scriila on your next bootyshakar, k?? Out, DALY