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so,who cried watching 27?

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can u sneak people who are under age into the tivoli on the 3rd of may plz 

Im trying so hard to get the money to come see mgk in G Rap at mania. Got a few months hope i make it. Mgk saves lives! I just wanna get to know him and be his homie he can talk to lol. Thats my dream.....

Eu sou do Brasil e estarei em NYC em janeiro de 2019, gostaria de saber sobre a agenda do MGK. Att

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EST for life 

MGK... Thank you.    My life has changed for the better thanks to you.  I had some mental health issues and thanks to you i have started living my life again.     

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MGK's music makes my life fell a hell of a lot better when life is being a bitch.

Ayyyye I am so excited to be a member of this site, I love you MGK!