he's such an amazing person i totally can relate to music kinda numbing u i wouldn't be alive if i didn't have music frfr

I love u so fucking much how and where do I sign up for that  

Hey, love you Gunner, hope you come to Brazil!!! 

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What do you see when you look at mee

don't cover my scars let them bleed ...

i am a huge fan of you richard baker (mgk)!! i listen to your music all the time. I have been your fan since 2014. My fav. songs are 27, home, let you go and breaking news.. 

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Yo, my name is Alexzander Green from Ohio and I'm turning 16 in March and I just wanted to say that I love your music and I've been a fan for 8 years now. The first song I ever heard was Cleveland but the first video I've ever seen is "Machine Gun Kelly freestyling a whole song in the car". You'...

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Yo Kelis I am a huge fan, I love your music, I have 3 sons who turned me on to your music, ever since I have become a MGK nut, they tell since I am 42 I to old but I will never grow up, it is nice to see  someone from the hood still rep his hood even if he made it out, I grew up in a similar way...

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honestly, wish they'd make stickers. like the double X and whatnot but in sticker form