Meet Machine Gun Kelly in These Cities!

Purchase a copy of Machine Gun Kelly's new album "General Admission" at these locations for access to each event.

10/7 @ 5pm | FYE - Des Moines, IA
10/11 @ 12pm | FYE - Oklahoma City, OK
10/19 @ 4pm | Dead Logic Creative - Cleveland, OH
10/21 @ 5pm | Corporate Got Em - Cincinnati, OH



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prestonspaulding01's picture

Don't know if you ever read this. Your music helped me get through the high school and get my first car. Would really appreciate it if you would shoot me a call at 231 798 5195, my name is Preston. I will be at your show with a buddy on Nov 18 in Grand Rapids MI.

cristanerwin's picture

to colson,  if u ever read this i just wanted to say hey and that u inspire me to be positive. Everytime im in a bad mood i listen to your music. Everytime im sad i listen to your music. Everytime im happy i listen to your music. Im just trying to say u motivate me to do better. i hope more people get to know you and respect you.You are the realest and truest of them all.I respect if u dont ever read or see this bc u have a million other people to worry about.

                                 L                          T                             F                                 / | \

                                      A                          H                            U                         /     |     \

                                           C                          E                             C                       |        

                                                 E                                                           K                 |

                                                                                                                         Loyalty and respect 

                                                                                                                                  Cristan Erwin

tinagreen247's picture

Machine Gun Kelly.. I don't know if you'll ever read this, I doubt it. But here goes.

I am a senior in high school. As a matter of fact, right now I'm in Saturday school right now because for attendance recovery. I'm notorious for skipping school.. sometimes for weeks at a time. Right now I'm where I'm at because I learned.

I'm learning to deal with addiction and quit doing dope.There ain't no halo over my head.. but I've been clean for three weeks now and I'm never going back.

I've learned that my past does not define me. I've learned that even though I've been run over by guys my entire life my future does not have to be that way.

I've learned what its like to really struggle.. Sleeping on floors and couches just to get to this place. I'm lucky just to have a place to live.

I've learned that even family doesn't always stay loyal. But I don't need them.

I've also learned that its okay. Its okay not to have a car. Or even shoes on your feet. Cause I'm gone make it.

Here's where you come in.

Many nights I have lain awake in bed.. contemplating on ending my life. My whole life I had felt worthless.

then I saw you on MTV. I remember thinking.. who tf is this guy?

But I couldnt stop listening to your music.

And those nights that i laid awake.. wanting to die.. having nobody to talk to.. my mother's words would run through my head. "You sorry piece of shit" etc.

So i turned your music on.. because you set me free. I knew you would always be there for me.. I just had to find your plug. Your music told me different from what the rest of the world did.

And i still listen to all of it. Your words still get me through each day. My life is improving, slowly but surely. I say surely.. because I'm gonna make it happen. Nobody can stop me. And one day these people will be like damn.. she went to my high school.

I've never been to any of your shows. I will probably never meet you.

All I wanted was for you to know that your music has made a huge difference in my life.. and it will continue to.


come to va!!!!!!!! 

michaelmiller2558yahoocom's picture

bro if you could give me a call there would be nothing in the world that would mean to me then just to talk to you 2347161191