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i was just escorted off the airplane by police at the Dallas airport because of the writing on my guitar case. they had the nerve to compare the fact that there are a couple of cuss words written on it to the seriousness of 9/11. when i told them its my art, they told me "that's not art" and proceeded to go on some "George Bush is a saint and I'm disrespecting his country" type rant. Well let me make it clear Dallas Ft Worth airport: as long as i am an American citizen paying my taxes (and your over priced airline fare) every year I will continue to practice my freedom of speech, starting with this: FUCK YOU MR. TSA MAN, FUCK YOUR PRECIOUS GEORGE BUSH, AND FUCK YOUR NARROW MIND. you should be honored that u even got to touch my guitar case. i hope your kids are MGK fans, buy tickets to a show to watch me play that guitar, and post pictures of the case hashtagging about how dope the art on it is. #freedom



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