What's your favorite MGK Song?



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Alley_Santiago's picture

There's so many of his songs that have become my favorite songs on the face of the planet. I think my top 5 are 1) Let You Go, 2) At My Best, 3) A Little More, 4) Swing Life Away, and 5) Invincible. There's so much more then just a catchy beat. His words are from the heart and speak volumes to the person he is and where he's been. I've never heard anyone who has ever put their heart on their sleeve like he does. 

Christmasbaby23's picture

I can't pick just one it's almost impossible but a few are alpha omega, merry go round, swing life away, runnin', and of course at my best has become another favorite but i honestly love everything 

Paleangel2000's picture

I love dark side of the moon. i like alpha and omega too but i love when he goes into deep shit and raps from the heart. <3


See My Tears 

Kadesha_Iesha_Jones's picture

Personality that's hard choice to just pick one favorite MGK song. I would have to say I felt an honest and deep personal vibe/connection with At My Best and Hold Up ( Shut Up )