This man is a emotional lyrical genius expert at numbing I love you MGK and if no one feels your struggle I DO 

Can't help! But notice 27 comments to the bloom post , but that is a number that represents me and so is 34 so naturally I gravitate to them when i see them. Congrats on the album and of course now its no longer 27 ironically.....xx

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God gave me these two hands to fight with not light you up. Thanks for everything

I ordered a shirt from this site back on Nov. 24 and still have not received it. I sent emails about it with no reply.  I contacted universal music and they directed me to another page which I left an email on and still no reply.  I have never had a problem with ordering stuff of this site so i...

So on December 2nd 2017, I waited on Jp's dad. He's a pretty cool guy. He works at a place called All Star Music. It's on Heatherdowns and Glandzman Toledo OH. I was pretty shocked on seeing him there. I asked him "why are you in Toledo?" He said "Because my son just got done with a tour!"

anyone know when the lighters will be on sale?