MGK Covers Alternative Press!

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EbonyMonroeXX's picture

Huge fan, love the movement and down for the cause. However I have noticed all the changes in your messages in order to show awareness in the direction the music will take you if you're not careful. Putting on this façade will definitely take a toll on you and I can see it in your eyes man. I'd never judge it's a shame the industry doesn't really allow one to be themselves in order to succeed at the level of Super Stardom. I'm still on a mission to squash this and take those X's off the eyes of the blind. Please get at me anyway possible I'd be an amazing addition to your crew! Oh yea and I'm a miracle worker in the kitchen with an old soul and defined spirituality. I'd be good to you guys for sure. Much love, EbonyXX

Missy_Steuber's picture

Wish I could meet people who I knew wouldn't try to block me and keep me from depression and would leave me alone. Never met a real one before they have all been fake bottom feeders.