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i lost my biggest fan and one of the biggest parts of my heart last night. i got off stage and got the worst call of my life. but i saw this picture and thought about how u were always the talk of the town in Denver cuz people would message me saying "do u have an aunt that works at Target? Cuz I was buying a Tupac cd and she said "oh u listen to hip hop? u should listen to my nephew" and proceeded to make me buy all your albums" . And when I finally made it, i pulled my tour bus up to Target and told the store to have u come outside and u started crying. That same day I also found out u had a black eye and I went to literally kill that piece of shit and u stopped me from doing something that would've changed my whole life. u were always my rock. I wrote my first rap in ur basement when me and my pops shared the bed and none of the kids at school understood me so I was always alone down there writing, and u were the only one who saw me for what I was going to become...the only thing is, u were supposed to see it all happen. U were supposed to come see us sell out Red Rocks and play ur favorite songs. U were supposed to come on vacation with me and Casie and see what all ur passion towards believing in what started in ur basement could amount to...but it didn't happen. and now im cold. and drunk. and lost. and empty. and wanna make sure nobody ever makes the mistake of taking the time with the ones you LOVE for granted. love ya forever my dear aunt Barbara. kiss the sky for me.



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