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I wish my dad gave any type of a damn about me. Why are you on here listening to his music GAIL_JORDAN if you feel that way about him and the people he surrounds himself with? Stay outta my little slice of heaven with ur crap. I’m sure there’s no way for you to understand anyways. I’m sure you grew up with great parents and a silver spoon in ur butt! I’d like to use some really creative words for you but imma keep it as respectful as I can. Get a life. 

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You know what Gail_Jordan? 

"You are trashy" and rude af. I'm not sure why you even posted your hate message in the first place. It's true, Rich is a dad, and he tours and is on the road a lot. But from what I've seen in his music and elsewhere, is that he loves his daughter dearly and helps pay for her way in life like real men do. He may not do it working behind a desk like you might invision, but he does. Hes not the only person in the world who has chosen to make a living doing what he loves while also raising a child at the same time. If he regrets anything in the future that will be between him and his daughter. You've got a lot of nerve coming around judging other's lives, telling them what they needa be doin. One day you will look back and be completely ashamed of the narrow minded, racist-ass comments you've posted on here. Rich knows how to love his daughter, while also having love for others in this world, some he has even helped through his music.  He is able to see people for who they are and not for what they look like, unlike yourself. That is rare these days, and I cherish it. So please, just STFU.

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Trashy music - MGK is cute - why does he try to look like a thug?  He has a daughter and needs to grow up and act like an adult.  One day he will look back and be so ashamed of the people he now hangs out with and the disgusting lyrics of some of those songs - usually when he's paired with blacks!!  And he will most certainly regret covering his body with hideous tattoos.